Why “In Dependence”? My Blog’s Purpose

I’m 22 years old. While I know that’s not an incredibly long time to have lived, in some ways I feel like I’ve lived through a lot already. Really, a lot! Maybe you’re around my age, and maybe you feel the same way. Sometimes I’ve wondered why it feels that way. Maybe you have too.

It’s hard to look at others and gauge whether or not we’ve been through more or less than they have. In fact, it’s basically impossible because everyone has such different experiences and stories. There are some things others have experienced that I can’t imagine going through, and there are things I’ve been through that others tell me they can’t imagine experiencing.

No matter what various experiences we go through as young adults (in high school, college, or post-college), there is one thing that equalizes us: we are all in transition. Mentally, emotionally, situationally, geographically – you name it. It all happens so fast. Many experiences we have during these years we’re having for the first time. Nothing prepares us for them. There is no handbook to guide us. Everything around us is changing, and inside ourselves we’re changing. And it’s scary!

I realize this blog could focus on nothing but a really deep, emotionally heavy, and even moody discussion of how tough life can be as a young adult. That’s not what I want it to be, though. I don’t think it can be either. Because, let’s face it, there are just too many funny moments that arise from being in new situations. Absolutely hilarious! Beyond moments worth laughing at, so many of the best things in life grow out of being a young adult. Things like joy, dreams, wild shenanigans, life-long friendships, identity, wisdom.

With the amount and the pace of change in our lives through high school, into college, and into adulthood, everything can feel overwhelming. The further in I swim into the ocean of adulthood, the more I realize I can’t make it on my own. I will drown! Yet everyone expects me to be a basically independent adult by now. I feel more dependent than ever.

But one day I realized that was a good thing.

The only way I’m going to ever become an independent adult is to learn to depend more on others and on God. I wasn’t made to do life on my own.

The purpose of my blog is to talk about what I’m learning as a young adult. About what I’ve learned healthy dependence in relationships looks like. About my relationship with God. To talk about the new experiences, the highs and lows. About the lessons, about growing pains, and about all the wonderful new joys and excitements.

For me, a large part of how I process the transition into adulthood is through my writing, especially in my fiction. What outlets do you have that help you in your transition? How can you use your talents and creative outlets to help you process?

2 thoughts on “Why “In Dependence”? My Blog’s Purpose

  1. TL Bickler

    Loved your post. I think that it is a wonderful introduction to your blog. To answer the question at the end of your post, my outlets are writing (shocker!) and anime. When I write fiction my characters are always trying to find something and that’s how I learn and process things. And anime is just a way to block out reality when need be.

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