Critiquing/Editing Services

Drafting a manuscript depends on one author. Being a writer, however, is never a solo act. Flourishing takes mentorship and encouragement from other writers who will give you constructive feedback on your work. A professional’s honesty, though it may hurt, can transform your writing so it reaches its best and gives you a better chance of being published.

If you dream of being published—whether it’s in magazines, newspapers, or getting a book in print—it would be my honor to help you develop your work. Even if publication isn’t your goal, and you just want to grow as a writer, I’d love to walk beside you through the process!

Critiquing and Editing

I offer two services: critiques and professional content edits. What’s the difference?

A critique is a snapshot review of your writing that looks for strengths and weaknesses.

A content edit looks at your manuscript as a whole, and focuses on honing its plot, characters, story arc (or tone, organization, and content for nonfiction), etc.

In both, my goal is development, not just of your manuscript but also of you as an author. How do you determine which is a better fit for you? Two things:

  1. How many pages you submit for review
  2. Your level of comfort, skill, and your goals.

Perhaps you know simply that you love writing, but have little frame of reference to tell you what’s good and what needs work. Perhaps you have a short story or an article that you want to submit for publishing. Gaining an in-depth critique may be the next step to launch your writing into its best!

Maybe you’ve been writing for a long time, refining your skills, hammering away at a project for years, and are now planning to submit it for publication. Consider taking it through a professional edit before it even reaches the eyes of an editor! Having a professional content edit may put you ahead in the game in catching an editor’s eye and getting your work in print. A well-written (and well-edited) story never goes out of demand.


If the financial end of my services is a burden, please contact me and we can make arrangements accordingly. My desire is to help you grow and succeed, and to make it affordable.

Critiques –  $5.00 per page, maximum of 5 pages
(1 page = double spaced, 12 point font, and 1 inch margins)

Your first critique is free!

For following critiques, I charge $5.00 per page and will accept up to 5 pages per critique. If you wish to send beyond 5 pages, I will charge by the hour as if it were an edit (see below for rates).

Please provide a short summary of what you’re sending (if it’s an article or short story, two sentences is sufficient. If it’s a portion of larger work, a paragraph will be needed).

Content Editing – $25.00 per hour
(1 page = double spaced, 12 point font, and 1 inch margins)

I offer a free trial of either your first three chapters or a portion of twenty-one pages. Before you dive into choosing me as an editor, I want to give you the chance to see if I’m a good fit for you.

I charge $25.00 per hour. How many pages I edit per hour will vary from project to project, but it usually averages around eight. I do my best to complete edits in a timely manner, but also want to give you my best and not rush through your work because of a ticking clock.

Please provide a one-page summary of your work when you send your manuscript. 


For the past five years, I have been a member of writing critique groups, including Word Weavers International. Not only do I have broad experience critiquing others’ work, but also in receiving feedback on my work. From this, I have a strong grasp of the process and what to look for, and know how to deliver my feedback to be as beneficial as possible.

I specialize in the speculative genres (fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, alternative history, etc.), but will edit within any genre. Thus far, I have content edited one contemporary fiction manuscript, one non-fiction, and proofread two manuscripts. I hold a Bachelor’s degree from Taylor University in Professional Writing. My classes taught me what excellent writing looks like. Through these, and a semester-long Editing class, I have developed a razor-sharp eye to find weaknesses and strengths for the purpose of bringing a manuscript to its full potential.

Contact me at erinecurtis14[at]gmail[dot]com so we can discuss how to move forward in your writing journey!